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Plant Protein for Healthy Blood Pressure

What do broccoli, brown rice, and baked beans have in common? They're good sources of blood-pressure-friendly protein.

Because not just any kind of protein will do when you're trying to keep blood pressure under control. A diet high in vegetable protein -- not animal protein -- is key.

Amino Acids: The Answer?
Researchers aren't sure why veggie protein lowers blood pressure, but they suspect that the amino acids in veggies may simply be kinder, somehow, to blood pressure than the amino acids in animal protein. (Check out the top 10 most nutritious vegetables.) And the magnesium and other good-for-you nutrients found in veggies may enhance the blood-pressure-friendly effects by interacting synergistically with the amino acids. (Find more food sources of magnesium).

Think Plant Proteins
Some other ways to get more protein without reaching for a steak knife: